Pandafixx Service Warranty

New Digitizer/LCD Screen

All iPhone LCD screen replacements come with 6 month quality warranty on touch and LCD color.  

Ipads have a  6 month quality warranty.

Restrictions due apply.


Internal Batteries

Depending on how you charge your phone, batteries have a respectful life of 2 years.  All battery replacements come with a 6 month warranty. 

Home Button

Home button replacements come with 60 day warranty.  

Charge/Audio Ports

All Charge/Audio Ports come with 60 day warranty.  

Camera/Proximity Assembly

All Camera/Proximity Assembly replacements come with 60 day warranty

Power/Volume Flex Cable Replacement

Power/Volume Flex Cable Replacement 60 day warranty.  Depending on model, the power ribbon is a separate cable from the volume.