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Lloyd F.  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

7/21/2017  Awesome service....extremely through, knowledgeable, and fast with the best price in town ! 

Joey J.  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

7/20/2017   Updated review  About a week after repair, phone started acting up screen was not responding acting crazy!As soon as I let pandafix know they were all over it no questions asked replaced screen just as quick as the initial repair and even gave me a new screen protector free of charge. Great customer service is a thing of the past im sad to say but trust me their is no lack of customer service from pandafix

Marley S.  reviewed PandaFix5 star

7/16/2017  I had an IPhone 6S Plus that broke on me and I quickly replaced it, I spent roughly $140 that was with my insurance and was told if it broke again it'll be about $200 to replace it. Well about 2 months after I get my brand new phone I dropped it and I break my phone again, screen completely shattered and was not functional. I really didn't want to pay $200 so My best friend recommended pandafixx. My phone was fixed with in an hour and for a great price!! I use my phone for work so this was super helpful!!
I'm so glad I found out about pandafixx. It's quick, affordable, trustworthy, professional!! I highly recommend it!

Teresa A.  reviewed PandaFix5 star

7/6/2017  Thanks so much !!!! Your the best and I am telling everyone about your service and loved how fast you worked and the price was more than Awesome and I wish everyone were as fast and kind as you . I will always be a loyal customer and I will see you soon again for my daughters phone .

Victoria Cipres  reviewed PandaFixx5 star
1 review
2 weeks ago
Mr. Nguyen does an amazing job with his services. He is beyond professional and is very straight forward. His prices the best out there. He is very warm and welcoming as well. 10/10 recommend!!!

Joey Jimenez  reviewed PandaFixx5 star
1 review
a week ago-
Amazing customer service , fast service , and prices you cant beat. Very professional and down to earth way better than going to these company's that are just looking to take your money and give horrible service at that. Takes pride in what he does and his customers. No reason to go anywhere else!!! Thanks again!!

brenda gonzalez  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

in the last week
My iPhone 6s Plus screen was shattered and stopped working. I called around and pandafixx had the best price. Minh was very knowledgeable and professional on the phone so I took the drive from the east side. I was surprised the shop was in ...More

Donnetta T  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

in the last week
Amazing customer service and prices that can't be beat!  I was having issues with my battery not keeping a charge and Mr. Nguyen got me right in.  My battery was replaced and it finally holds a charge!  Thank you Panda Fixx!!!

Monica Cruz  reviewed PandaFixx5 star
1 review
3 weeks ago
This place is awesome!! Amazing customer service. They got my son's phone in within a day and had if up and running within an hour. If I ever need repairs on any of my families iPhones again I will definitely be calling Minh again. Thank you Pandafixx!!

Irvin Montoya  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

in the last week
Great customer service,  very nice and easy going , I totally recommend you guys to come get your electronics fixed here!:)

Michael liebsch  reviewed PandaFixx5 star
3 reviews · 2 photos
in the last week
Awesome job!  If your looking for quaity and honesty  this is your place!

Joclyn Newsom  reviewed PandaFixx5 star
1 review
a week ago
Very very helpful and nice. Amazing service.

wendy santiago  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

a week ago

Aj Carino  reviewed PandaFixx5 star
June 6 at 11:34am · I've had an iPhone for years & I can't even begin to account the numerous times I've gotten my phone fixed by a random shop, pay upwards of $100, and then have it break the same way 2 months later. 

So let me be the first to say, Pandafix is by FAR the best iPhone repair company I've ever been to. Not only does Minh do QUALITY work, but he does it in about 45 min - 1 hr!!! Amazing! I dropped my phone in ranch (damn my love of wings) a few days ago & was DEVASTATED to find out my mic & speakers no longer worked!My phone is my lifeline, thankfully a family member HIGHLY recommended Pandafix....I was NOT disappointed at all. 

He was above and beyond my expectations, not only did he have my phone repaired in about an hour, but as he went along, he fixed loose screws, cleaned the inside, and fixed anything that other previous, crappy, quick-fix places messed up in the first place. He was very detailed on what he did to fix my phone, very friendly, and professional. The price wasn't bad at all, extremely affordable and inexpensive compared to other companies.If you want very high quality work, friendly, professional, dependable, someone with great customer service, for a great price, I would definitely suggest Pandafix iPhone Repair!! He is also located in a beautiful little neighborhood, 10/10, I will definitely be taking my phone to Pandafix for any of my iPhone needs! 

Monica Cruz reviewed PandaFixx.com5 star

June 21 at 11:20am ·
This place is awesome!! Amazing customer service. They got my son's phone in within a day and had if up and running within an hour. If I ever need repairs on any of my families iPhones again I will definitely be calling Minh again. Thank you Pandafixx!! 


Fabbe Valdez reviewed PandaFix5 star

June 4 at 9:26am · Great service and super convenient, has fixed two phone of mine. Thanks 

Bryanna J.  reviewed PandaFix5 star   6/13/2017 Excellent service. My phone was ran over and I had no hope, UNTIL i went to pandafixx iphone repair. I got my phone back looking brand new! Great prices, great service I recommend if you have  broken iPhone go to pandafixx ! 


Troy Ochoa reviewed PandaFixx5 star

May 27 at 1:42pm · Pandafix did me a great job!! Very flexible on times and hit me in and out for my cracked screen very fast!!! Strong recommendation for any needs for your iPhone!!! 


Nancy Nguyen reviewed PandaFixx5 star

May 25 at 9:55pm · For months, I had 2 IPhone 5S, one with a terrible cracked screen and another that drained the battery within 4-5 hours and an IPad 2, 4th generation with a broken screen. Mr. Panda was very personable and quoted me a Fraction of the prices that I was quoted on from other places. Did you know that people charge nearly 100+ for ONE cracked screen? Not Mr. Panda. He was great at being very upfront with his prices and the quality service that he provides. I dropped off my iPhones and iPad and got my phones back the same day and my iPad was ready within 2 days! Whoo hoo! :)Update after 3 weeks: my current iPhone 5S battery lasts ALL day and I am no longer connected to the plug! I've had no issues so far, which has me ecstatic!My moms iPhone and my sisters iPad are like new again!After everything was done, Mr. Panda offered great advice on how to optimize the battery life on my phone as well.It's been a great pleasure on getting referred to someone who offers AMAZING service with great prices to boot! I'm referring this place to all of my family and friends! Thanks again, Mr. Panda! 


Francis Esposo reviewed PandaFixx5 star

June 6 at 11:59am · I've known Minh for over 10 years. He is meticulous, efficient, and most of all very honest. He provides high quality repairs and is available for all your iPhone needs. I highly recommend Pandafix! 

Darien P.  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

5/30/2017 You won't believe how extraordinary these prices are for fixing. Most places will charge you so much more and will rip you off basically. My phone battery used to drain like crazy even when I was on Low Battery Mode... until now!! It's as if my phones completely brand new! 

Binnu M. reviewed PandaFixx5 star

6/6/2017  Great customer service, quick repair, and good price...I will definitely be coming back and would recommend this business to all my friends and family. 

Miguel P..  reviewed PandaFixx5 star

5/30/2017  It really is as good as it gets! The prices are reasonable for the damages that were caused and Mr. Nguyen is a very approachable and friendly person. I highly recommend seeing him for any phone issues!