Frequently Asked Questions


"Do you have a Shop"

No. operates out of his front room in his home. (Prior Formal Dinning Room converted).  I avoid overhead cost by not having a  lease, utilities, internet service, alarm service , maintenance fees, etc. This keeps cost down.  Thus the lower prices on repairs.

"Do I need an appontment? Can I just stop by?"

No.  Appointments are not necessary, however, all appointed customers are priority.  Appointments gives you a quality repair and gives me 45 mins to an hour  to do the following: 

  • Pre-Testing
    • Power/volume button
    • Camara's
    • Ear and loud speaker
    • Siri
    • Charge port
    • Touch
    • Touch ID
    • Device lag
  • Removal of requested parts
  • Installation of New parts
  • Installation of missing screws from a prior repair
  • Internal cleaning: Dirt, debris, loose adhesive
  • Post-Test
    • New part functionality
    • Battery test
    • Again, re test all functions from Pre-test
  • Final inspection and closing
  • Cleaning of entire external areas of the iPhone/iPad

My promise is to return your phone in like new condition.  Both appearance and functionality. 


"Some shops say it only takes 30 minutes to replace a Screen, why 3 hours?"

Depending on the days appointments, unannounced drop off's will not be started until appointed times are completed.  This all depends on how many appointments are scheduled.  I had a few instance when a drop off occurred 15 minutes prior to an appointment.  I will start on the phone, and if the appointed time is okay with me to start theirs next, then I will complete the service order. If no, I will stop and complete the appointed time. 

Keep in mind, many people scheduled days or a week to secure that time. 

Also, all repairs are thoroughly tested prior to repair and after the repair.  Speakers, sensors, cameras, touch ID, touch, and microphones are tested to verify proper functionality.  Quality repair is Panda's mission.  Panda is not a 30 minute or less repair facility.  

"Is your parts Original Apple?"

No.  I am not an authorized apple dealer or apple repair service provider.   I am authorized to save you money and provide either refurbished OEM parts or quality aftermarket parts that are the same specifications as original and provide a professional install.  Genuine is only provided by the original company.  Apple does not sell original parts to anyone accept authorized apple repair sites.  (Apple store)

"Can I wait while my phone is getting fixed?"

Absolutely.  I only provide an outdoor waiting area. Because of summer weather, I recommend you enjoy the AC in your car or visit nearby retailers that are within a mile of my shop.  Multiple retailers, banks, and restaurants are within a mile. 

"Do your provide a receipt? The last shop didn't give me anything and denied to fix their mistakes."

Yes.  I provide documentation of the cost of your repair and my disclaimer before I take your device.  After the repair is done, you receive an invoice describing the repair, findings, and all test results. 

This protects both me and you. 


"My Screen is cracked but the LCD is good. Do you just replace the glass?"

No.  My repairs on iPhones is the LCD Screen full assembly.  

"Do you do Icloud unlock?"

No.  I do not provide that type of service. 

"Do you take debit or credit cards?"

No debit cards, but yes, I do accept Cash and credit.  All credit cards are processed through Paypal chip card reader. 

All credit card info will not be retained at my level.  Credit card receipt will be text or emailed to your device and printed invoice will be given to you after payment. 

"Do you repair Samsung phones, S7, S8, Note?"

No.  I specialize in iPhones/iPads and have parts readily available.  I have a lot of love for the Samsung user, however, I am not a Samsung specialist nor can immediately provide parts for a quality repair. 

"I work early, can I drop off and pick up later?"

Absolutely.  Although I open at 9am, I can take your iPhone as early as 6am and complete the repair at the time agreed. 

Shop closes at 6pm, but late pick ups must be arranged.