Supplemental Warranty


Supplemental 12 month Accidental Damage Replacement

All Screen replacements come with a 6 month quality warranty.  This covers any color issue.  30 day touch warranty as well.  Warranty voided if external/screen damage is present. 

However, for the teens, young kids or maybe clumsy you, may need to invest on the extended program.  Save money on your next screen repair.

Extended Accidental damage Replacement Pricing

Iphone 4/4s, 5/5c/5s & 5se: $20

Iphone 6: $30

iPhone 6/6s and Plus: $40

iPhone 7: $45

iPhone 7 Plus: $50

Water Damage Voids all warranty's

Only one replacement during the 12 month period. 

Invest in Panda's Replacement Program

 You have the opportunity to purchase the Extended Replacement Plan at the time you pick up and pay for your repair. 

Small price for a big investments.  Save now then spend big later...Extended plans are non-refundable.

Example of Extended Warranty

19 year old Dianne got her screen replaced 2 weeks ago with Mr. Panda  Her iPhone 6s new screen cost $70 and she invested on the extended plan of $35.  Her total was $105 with Mr. Panda.  

Two months later, Dianne, while at the club was shaking her "thang". She  drops her phone and shatters the screen due to the magnitude of music bass and laser lights.  The following day she messages Mr. Panda and sets an appointment.  She returns to Pandafixx and after 45 minutes, gets a free Damage replacement.  

Two months later, Dianne while walking/snap chatting on college campus gets bumped by a fellow male student.  She drops the phone and it suffers a hairline crack in the middle of the screen.  She sets an appointment via "Message Mr. Panda" returns to Pandafixx.  However, Dianne has used up her replacement warranty.  Instead, she is given a discount on her new replacement. 


Example of 1 month Accidental Damage Replacement Warranty

18 year old Nathan had his 6s Plus screen replaced for $85 with Pandafix.  Five months later while playing the computer online game, "League of Legends", Nathen's phone was on his lap.  His team hits a big win with a rival college team.  He jumps up for joy, chest bumps his collegues, then see's his 6s Plus fly and hit the tile floor 8 feet away.  He messages Mr. Panda on the website for an appointment.  After meeting with Mr. Panda and reviewing his invoice in the system, Nathan did not purchase the supplemental warranty.  Nathan had no choice but to get a new replacement.  He did call his Dad for an additional $40 to buy the  plan.  Total repair w/extended plan $125.

Example of Extended Warranty with water Damage

28 year old Daniel had repaired his iPhone 5s and purchased the extended plan for a total of $80.  Daniel accidentally dropped his phone in the toilet at 245 am after a 12 hour xbox Call of Duty online binge.  

Daniel messages Pandafixx on the website.  He attends the appointment. After inspection, the phone failed to power up, water damage indicators glowing, and no damage to screen.  Daniel doesn't qualify for a screen replacement due to water damage.