About Us

Pandafixx.com iPhone & iPad Repair Services of Bakersfield

Mr. Panda (Minh Nguyen) retired from Corporate Retail after 18 years of service.  Managing Walmart stores throughout California was very demanding. Facilitating, organizing events, managing budgets, building profits, minimizing expenses and leading an organization was a challenging responsibility, but fun for Mr. Panda.  "Seeing people grow and promote motivated me to work harder".

After 18 years, Mr. Panda respectfully said his good byes and moved onto more family time.  "Too many travels, missing holiday events,  being without my wife, and watching my kids grow without me was no value compared to the work hours I put in".

After a year of time off Mr. Panda was inspired to open a business that would help people. 

Mr. Panda has been a DIY guy (Do it yourself) for over 30 years.  Car Stereo installs, alarms systems, Car brakes/rotors, home automation, security camera install/programming, and phone repairs.  All stemmed from reading his Dad's electronic repair book at the age of 11.  

Mr. Panda recently drove his motorcycle into the back yard pool.  iPhone 6s plus 128g was strapped to his hip.  He immediately removed the bike and the phone from the pool.  The phone died.  Not have the proper tools to open the phone, he allowed the device to dry out for a few days.  After getting tools from Amazon, the phone was dismantled.  Following instructions from Google and YouTube, the phone was unresponsive.  After two months, another attempt and the phone logic board let up!  With new parts and endless scrubbing all components the phone is back up.  The motorcycle? Yes, she was taken apart and fixed as well.  

Mr. Panda grew up in Bakersfield, went to Horace Mann Elementary, Greenfield JH, South High School and attended CSUB.  He has moved away 3 times and came back to Bakersfield.  "Bakersfield is easy living, great people, great city, and love the heat!"

Mr. Panda is a straight up guy.  Honest and meticulous.  Perfection and precision is what he is known for. 

"I look forward to your business and your satisfaction is my priority".

Mr. Panda